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Our services

To build a society that systematically supports men as actively involved, caring fathers, we need action to occur on many fronts. You can get a sense of the range of projects we ourselves undertake, by exploring our policy workstreams.


But core to our work is also providing support to others – helping to build capacity among public services, employers, the research community and among fathers themselves through a focus on evidence-based, father-inclusive services, interventions and resources.


We offer a range of support options for these different audiences. Discover more below.

For providers of family services

We offer workforce training and parenting programmes to help you build father-inclusive provision from conception onwards

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For researchers

We can take part in, and help you design and implement, father-inclusive research studies that maximise impact

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For corporates

Commission us to deliver presentations and workshops to engage your team and unite stakeholders behind a vital mission. 

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For fathers and family members

Find out why involved fatherhood matters, access support, and push for better policies and services

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Senior Learning & Development Officer - Birmingham Children's Trust

"For two years we have worked closely with the Fatherhood institute, including through the Engaging Fathers training. We have had a range of professionals (who support a variety of different needs) give positive feedback regarding the learning they received. We are planning the next steps to build on our existing offer for Year three.


Jez and the team have a specialist knowledge base, underpinned by their research. They have helped to empower participants to look at ways they can identify ‘gaps’ and strengthen/ improve the way in which we work with fathers to help all, especially the child.

I would highly recommend this provider to others."

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