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Who we are

​The Fatherhood Institute is one of the most respected fatherhood organisations in the world. We:

  • Collate, publish, and mobilise research on fathers and their impact on children and mothers

  • Report on, develop, and evaluate approaches to engaging with fathers in health, education and family services 

  • Help shape national and local policy to ensure a father-inclusive approach

  • Inject research evidence on fathers, fatherhood and co-parenting into national debates about parenting and parental roles

  • Lobby for changes in law, policy and practice to dismantle barriers to UK fathers’ care of infants and children

  • Help mothers and fathers in the UK balance their ‘cash and care’ responsibilities and co-operate productively as a ‘parenting team’

  • Are the leading provider in the UK of training, consultancy and resources to support father-inclusive practice


Our stakeholders include government, NHS and local authorities, family service providers and organisations, universities, NGOs, employers – as well as fathers.

What we do

Birth Doula with Couple

Our main research focus is on the associations between father-factors and child outcomes throughout the life-course.


We also gather evidence on policy frameworks that promote father-inclusion and gender-equality, and chart best practice on including fathers in service provision and research.

Our vision


Our vision is of a society that:​

Gives all children a strong and positive relationship with their father and any father-figures

Supports both mothers and fathers as earners and carers

Prepares boys and girls for a future shared role in caring for children

Our values

Gender equality

Father inclusive practice at both a household and societal level is one of the keys to unlocking gender inequality and reducing the gender pay gap. Our work also investigates / addresses how gender inequality intersects with other forms of exclusion including poverty, social class, race and sexuality


The determination and resourcefulness of our small team has enabled us to challenge social and cultural resistance to our beliefs and ideas, survive in an uncertain funding climate and emerge from the Covid 19 pandemic with an effective new business model


We are a small organisation with big ambitions. Our reach, credibility, and impact are extended through collaboration and partnerships with numerous experts, campaign groups, organisations, fathers, and funders who bring different perspectives to our thinking


The impact that fathers have on the wellbeing of children drives our decisions about new research, policy priorities, and our training and consultancy offers

Man playing with child riding their bike

Our robust evidence base forms a thread that runs through every element of our work - from our training and consultancy to our policy and research

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