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Fatherhood institute, Father and Son Lunch

Supporting paternal caregiving in the UK 

The Fatherhood Institute is a UK charity working to build a society that values, prepares, and supports men as involved fathers and caregivers.

Evidence shows that involved fatherhood has unique and significant impacts on children, mothers, and fathers themselves; improves children's wellbeing and outcomes; and helps progress towards gender equality at home and in the workplace.

Our work focuses on research, policy, and practice. We publish research reviews, take part in new studies and test promising family interventions; advocate for policy change; produce practice resources; and train practitioners in perinatal, early years, education, and social care services.

I'm a father looking for information and support

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Campaign update

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We want all UK fathers to have the right to six weeks’ well-paid leave in their baby’s first year, as a minimum. Learn more about:

  • What we’re calling for

  • Why change is needed

  • What we’re doing about it

  • How you can help



Join our campaign for a better paternity offer for Britain’s fathers.

Our policy calls

manifesto for supporting paternal caregiving
manifesto for supporting paternal caregiving
manifesto for supporting paternal caregiving

Our policy work streams

Discover our work to create more father-inclusive policies and services

Our research

Read our high-quality research reviews, co-investigations with eminent universities, and empirical research
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