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Our campaigns

Where there are obstacles standing in the way of progress towards more father-inclusive policy and practice, we tackle these in a variety of ways - including, sometimes, 'going public' via a campaign. 

Our campaigns vary in their scope, audience, and the kinds of actions we call on supporters to take.

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Six weeks for dads

Our campaign for six weeks' well-paid paternity and parental leave


Supporting the early years sector to gender-diversify its workforce

Time with Dad

Improving the support men get to spend time caring for their children

In July 2023 we started a Parliamentary petition calling on the Government to improve its statutory paternity offer, by:

  • Paying employed fathers two weeks’ paternity leave at 90% of salary

  • Introducing a ‘daddy month’ of four weeks’ parental leave, paid at the same rate 

  • Introducing a Paternity Allowance for fathers who are not employees

If 10,000 people sign the petition by 11 January 2024, the Government will have to respond to this proposal.


Please sign and share the petition here.

Our Men In The Early Years campaign works to improve recruitment and retention of men by the early years education and childcare sector.


Men currently make up only 2% of the workforce: a percentage that has barely changed for the last quarter-century.


Our MITEY website offers information for men interested in early years careers, and resources, including the MITEY Charter, to help early years providers develop male-friendly strategies.

We also offer audits and training, and provide insights to the press.  

Time with Dad is a fledgling awareness-raising campaign and network linked to our organisational strategy.

Through it we aim to publicise, to a general audience, our work in the fields of health, work, and education. Funding permitting, we aim to engage fathers and others to support specific campaign actions and volunteer to share their stories in the media.

We provide updates via occasional newsletters, and use #timewithdad on our social media pages.

Join the Time with Dad network

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