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Our policy work

We draw on peer-reviewed evidence, and our own (and others') analyses of official data, to produce recommendations to Government, Parliamentary committees, professional bodies, regulators, and commissioners of family services.

Read our Manifesto for Supporting Paternal Caregiving, in which we present ten changes that parliamentarians from all sides of the political spectrum could introduce, to set us on a better course.

Our goal is to help and challenge institutions, organisations and individuals within them, to better support men's caregiving through father-inclusive policies, practice, funding decisions, and service design. We do that by:

  • Responding to parliamentary inquiries, consultations and other calls for evidence

  • Providing briefings to MPs and take part in relevant All-Party Parliamentary Groups

  • Working with Government departments and relevant agencies, to push for policies and tax-funded services that pay due attention to fathers and fatherhood

  • Collaborating with partner organisations via policy-focused working groups

  • Speaking at relevant events

  • Writing / contributing to press articles about key areas of Government policy affecting families and children

  • Running public-facing campaigns – often in partnership with other advocacy organisations, including those led by fathers – to raise awareness of key issues, and harness support for specific policy calls 


Our focus is on employment, health, social care and education policy – the areas which most impact on parents. Our key goals include:

   Reform of paternity and parental leave, and improved access to flexible working

   Improved engagement with fathers by perinatal, early years, social care and other family services 

   Gender diversification of the early years education and childcare workforce

Our work streams

Work streams
Fathers & health

Building better support for fathers, from NHS services

Fathers & education

Supporting father-inclusive early years settings and primary schools

Toddler playing with building blocks
Fathers at work

Lobbying for gender-equitable employment policy and workplaces

Father working from home with toddler sat next to him
Father at hospital with newborn and partner
Fathers & safeguarding

Keeping children safe by improving family services' practice with fathers

Father consoling his teenager
Recognising & supporting diverse fathers

Ensuring all men's fathering is seen, valued, and addressed

Father drawing with his toddler
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