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Our impact

Below you can view a summary of what we did in 2022-23. We will publish a full report in spring 2024, and annually thereafter.


For previous years' annual reports, please visit the Charities Commission website - where you will find short summaries of our work and funding over the last five years. You can find supplementary information in the Research and Policy sections of this website. 


Impact highlights 2022 - 2023

Our funders

We would like to thank all our funders for their support over the years. 

Our work has been supported by grants and project-based funding from the UK Government (especially the Department for Education), the European Union, the Economic and Social Research Council, and various other organisations, including:


We have also received funding from numerous local authorities, for commissioned services.

If you would like to support our work, you can view our research partnership offer or make a donation

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