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Donate today to advance gender equality at home and at work

Why support us

Join the movement for lasting, transformative change for fathers, families, businesses, and society.

With your help, we can continue advocating for a father-inclusive culture, bringing our research to a wider audience and pushing this policy debate up the list of priorities to make the UK a leading nation, not a follower, when it comes to family life.

How your contribution will be used

Your donations help us drive forward our policy work, which is crucial for disseminating our research, raising awareness, and gathering public momentum to provoke political change. 

Your money helps us strengthen our platform as the leading voice on fatherhood in the UK - informing, lobbying, and challenging the Government on its creation of new policies which impact on fatherhood, or lack thereof. This work covers a wide remit, due to the intersecting nature of fatherhood with care, mental health, child development, paid employment, relationships, and social mobility, amongst others.

We are members of the Fundraising Regulator.

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