Engaging with fathers in targeted services


Research shows that fathers’ impact on children, like mothers’, is highly significant and lasts a lifetime. Not having a supportive relationship with one’s biological father (resident or non-resident) is a major risk factor for youth drug and alcohol abuse, mental health challenges, educational failure, anti-social behaviour and difficult transitions into adult relationships.

This one day training course is aimed at managers, staff and volunteers in Family Intervention Projects; and key workers and family support practitioners in other targeted/intensive services. During the day we will:

• Explore and help you develop strategies to engage with fathers and male carers

• Explore and examine the inter-connectedness between parental relationships, ways of co-parenting, and children’s outcomes

• Help you develop the confidence, knowledge and skills to work effectively with fathers

• Help you think about how to create organisations which respond flexibly to the needs of fathers.

The course includes exploration of:

• The unique influences that fathers have on nutrition, obesity, brain development, mental health, educational attainment and anti-social behaviour

• What children need from their fathers (and what they don’t)

• Barriers and bridges to positive father-child engagement in services

• The personal and cultural issues which shape our perceptions of men and our beliefs about gender roles.


Prices start at £1550. Find out more from our National Practice Development Manager, Jeszemma Garratt on tel 0791 786 4130 or email j.garratt@fatherhoodinstitute.org.