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The latest news about research, policy and practice relating to work with young fathers, including resources to support work with young dads by professionals and practitioners across a range of disciplines.

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6 March 2008
A group of young dads-to-be and young dads in Swindon and Wiltshire have been working together since November last year on a film that is intended to underline their importance in the lives of their children. 
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31 January 2008
by Nigel Sherriff (Trust for the Study of Adolescence, 2007) This is a publication from the Trust for the Study of Adolescence – and it is first-rate. 
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23 November 2007
Domains in which you have to think strategically a. Within agency: there is no point attracting young fathers to your service if the service is not ready to receive them (and will alienate them); furthermore, the whole team should be involved in identifying and engaging the young fathers – if this is left to a ‘fatherworker’ alone, s/he will achieve little, burn out, and will probably leave (the Fatherhood Quality Mark process can help you achieve father-inclusiveness in your agency: see  Or, to start with, purchase the Fatherhood Institute’s TOOLKIT FOR FATHER-INCLUSIVE PRACTICE (£9.95)  and then book ‘whole team’ training b. 
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21 August 2007
What: Project to make antenatal services more father-friendly Agencies: St Michael’s Fellowship/ University of Bristol/ Fathers Direct When: Research funded from 2003-05 by DH/DfES Where: Tulse Hill, south London Most projects aimed at improving engagement with fathers focus on men whose children have already been born. 
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24 July 2007
Consequences of Teenage Parenthood: Pathways which minimise the long term negative impacts of teenage childbearing What are the social, economic and health outcomes of young parenthood for mothers, fathers and their children? 
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19 June 2007
What: Dedicated teenage dads worker Who: Education Leeds – Health Initiatives Team Where: Schools across the city When: Since 2004 John May is a specialist learning mentor working with school age fathers, and older teenage dads whose children’s mothers are still at school, across Leeds.