29 November 2012
The Maternity and Paternity Rights and Women Returners Survey 2009/10 shows that 91% of fathers took time off around the time of their baby’s birth. 
13 November 2012
Jeremy Davies writes: Back in July 2012 we wrote a paper called Stick to your guns, urging the Government to pursue the plan it had outlined in its Modern Workplaces consultation. 
12 June 2012
How much leave should be available exclusively to mothers when they have a baby – and how much should be shareable with the father? 
8 March 2012
Jeremy Davies writes: Today I was invited to speak on a phone-in on the Kaye Adams show on BBC Scotland, for International Women’s Day. 
2 August 2011
Jeremy Davies writes: Men and Work-Life Integration: A Global Study is a really interesting paper by US human resources consultants WFD Consulting, which should be required reading for people who work in HR in the UK – and for dads who work…especially in senior roles.   
7 April 2011
In our response to the Department for Work and Pensions’ proposals to reform the Child Support Agency (the Strengthening Families and Promoting Parental Responsibility consultation), we argued that reforms designed to increase the payment of child support by non-resident fathers, are likely to lead to greater father-involvement and, if properly handled, could reduce conflict between separating and separated parents.