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Research, policy and practical work with fathers in families facing challenges relating to mental and physical health, poverty and unemployment, immigration and ethnicity, imprisonment, low education and achievement, and so on.

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16 February 2013
Many policy documents and some legislation require family, health and education professionals to engage with ‘parents’. This should, of course, mean that they engage with fathers as well as mothers – but research show that this tends to happen all too rarely. 
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31 January 2013
Parental Responsibility is a legal status an adult can hold in relation to a child, which gives that adult all the ‘rights and responsibilities’ of a parent. 
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1 December 2012
Useful organisations and information sources: Below you will find a referral organisation for specialist advice on most issues.  Do email us ( if you think any of our information is wrong or needs updating (organisations can change their details day to day, and they don’t usually inform us when they do!) or if you feel we have missed out or misrepresented an important service Advice Now An independent, not-for-profit website providing accurate, up-to-date information on rights and legal issues.  
Policy » Vulnerable families
29 November 2012
Ofsted has launched a consultation on proposals for a revised framework for the inspection of Sure Start Children’s Centres. 
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1 November 2012
Who Let The Dads Out? We know that parent and toddler work can transform relationships and strengthen families. Yet we also know that whilst many groups set out to be “parent and toddler” rather than “mother and toddler”, the reality is that they attract mostly mothers, grandmothers and child-minders:  Fathers are almost universally missing from the parent and toddler world. 
Practice » Vulnerable families
22 October 2012
CARE SYSTEM Questions we have been asked include: ‘My child has been taken into care – what can I do as a dad to get him back?’ ‘Man who had custody of his son became ill and social services have taken the son from him.