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Research, policy and practical work with fathers in families facing challenges relating to mental and physical health, poverty and unemployment, immigration and ethnicity, imprisonment, low education and achievement, and so on.

External research » Vulnerable families
18 July 2013
This regional year-long campaign (2012-13) developed in partnership with a small multi-agency working group convened and led by the Local Safeguarding Children Board, promoted the importance of fathers in children’s lives to family professionals, policy makers, families and the wider local public. 
FI research » Vulnerable families
22 May 2013
This research summary covers: Levels/trends in fathers’ involvement in schools Fathers v. mothers: involvement in education The care/education ‘nexus’ Fathers’ earnings and education Children’s behaviour at school Brain development Fathering quality and educational attainment Fathers and literacy Fathers v. 
Practice » Vulnerable families
8 April 2013
The Fatherhood Institute’s roundtable event ‘Engaging fathers in child protection’ took place on 14 March 2013, and was chaired by Professor Eileen Munro. 
External research » Vulnerable families
8 April 2013
This paper by Professor Jonathan Scourfield reviews the recent published research about the barriers to and facilitators of better father engagement, as well as evidence on the effectiveness of work with maltreating fathers. 
Practice » Vulnerable families
5 March 2013
Engaging with men in social care: a good practice guide is a 16-page guide designed to help you engage effectively with men in, or attached to, families in which a child is at risk or may become so.  
Policy » Vulnerable families
16 February 2013
Many policy documents and some legislation require family, health and education professionals to engage with ‘parents’. This should, of course, mean that they engage with fathers as well as mothers – but research show that this tends to happen all too rarely.