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News, research, policy and practice articles on working with separated families, and maximising the involvement of fathers in the lives of their children post-separation.

Policy » Separated families
30 September 2010
In this briefing we provided a critique of how fathers (and others) navigate the existing systems, and examined how one might provide greater contact rights to non-resident parents (as the current system defines those majority of separated/ divorced fathers who live with their children for less than half the time). 
Policy » Separated families
18 September 2010
In our Promoting Strong Couple Relationships paper we considered a range of options for how the Coalition Government might use the promotion of strong couple relationships in its policy development, thus enabling a shift away from public services focused solely or primarily on the mother and child. 
Practice » Separated families
19 August 2010
Creating new opportunities for dads to become involved in learning activities with their children was the aim of the Dads in Demand project. 
Practice » Separated families
13 August 2010
More than 2,000 primary schools, nurseries, pre-schools and other settings, including prisons and libraries, took part in the first ever Fathers’ Story Week, in the run-up to Father’s Day 2010. 
Practice » Separated families
2 July 2010
Making sure your agency registers key information about all dads as a matter of course is a MUST. In fact for all agency staff to ROUTINELY gather such details is the single most important step to engaging with substantial numbers of young fathers. 
Policy » Separated families
1 March 2010
Engaging successfully with fathers requires an interdisciplinary approach; an openness to developing father-inclusiveness across services; oversight by well-trained staff who understand both the importance of father engagement and the sensitivities of bringing men into female dominated services; adequate funding; and an emphasis on evaluation and dissemination of good practice.