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News, research, policy and practice articles on working with separated families, and maximising the involvement of fathers in the lives of their children post-separation.

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10 October 2012
SEPARATION Questions we have been asked include: ‘Father wants his name on birth certificate; partner says no’ ‘Wife wants to move out and take child – what can I do?’ ‘Wife wants divorce; what are my rights re children?’ ‘My son’s ex insists he pay for flights to Scotland for contact visits – he can’t afford these’ ‘My pregnant girlfriend has been stealing money from my bank account. 
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21 July 2011
Reproduced with kind permission of the Times Educational Supplement. First published 15 July 2011 The sins of the fathers A child with a parent in prison often chooses not to speak about it at school, fearing stigma and humiliation. 
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7 April 2011
In our response to the Department for Work and Pensions’ proposals to reform the Child Support Agency (the Strengthening Families and Promoting Parental Responsibility consultation), we argued that reforms designed to increase the payment of child support by non-resident fathers, are likely to lead to greater father-involvement and, if properly handled, could reduce conflict between separating and separated parents. 
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19 January 2011
This research summary covers: Trends in father involvement in the UK Aspirations Satisfaction Family and work stress: fathers’ experiences Leave policies and father involvement Father-care, gender equity and child wellbeing Fathers’ employment and child wellbeing Business/economic costs/benefits of father involvement Low income fathers’ employment References Download this research summary as a Word document Trends in father involvement in the UK Mothers in Britain increasingly engage in paid work (mainly part-time) from when their children are very young: Today 50% of mothers of 9-month-olds are in paid employment (Dex & Ward, 2010) with 70% working earlier than planned because of money concerns (Pykett, 2009) and others motivated by a desire to escape full-time childcare (Miller, 2005). 
18 January 2011
Last night’s Panorama (BBC1, 8.30pm – click here to view on iplayer) claimed to shine the spotlight on Britain’s ‘feckless fathers’. 
Practice » Separated families
15 December 2010
When the St Michael’s Fellowship began to focus on services aimed at fathers, its approach was initially ‘tokenistic’, admits project coordinator Matt Hay.