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News, research, policy and practice articles on working with separated families, and maximising the involvement of fathers in the lives of their children post-separation.

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25 November 2013
DG* writes: I’ve been a non-resident father for about 4 years now, and as difficult and upsetting as it’s been, the situation has been made easier by the fact that my ex-wife and I have maintained a positive relationship, and there’s never been an issue with me seeing my girls and having them come to stay with me. 
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20 November 2013
The vast majority (87%) of fathers who don’t live with their children say that they continue to have contact with them and close to half (49%) say that their children stay with them on a regular basis, on weekends and during school holidays, new research has revealed. 
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14 November 2013
Jeremy Davies writes: Further to David Davies MP’s comments about ‘feckless fathers’  and subsequent media coverage (for example this Guardian article by Ally Fogg), here is an extract from the Fatherhood Institute’s Research Summary on Young Fathers, which we hope will help inform the debate: Contrary to common belief, many young fathers have real strengths; and the stereotype of the young buck who impregnates the neighbourhood is largely an urban myth: the single most powerful predictor of adolescent fatherhood is being involved in a long-term relationship with the baby’s mother (Hanson et al, 1989). 
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23 July 2013
Young fathers (aged 16-24) are some of the most invisible, marginalised and vulnerable parents in the UK. Many – though by no means all – have grown up in difficult circumstances, are on low incomes or benefits, have few academic qualifications and relatively poor career prospects. 
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22 July 2013
‘For too long, our culture has treated boys who become fathers . . . as detached misfits who are the architects of many of our nation’s problems, rather than seeing these youth for who they really are: young men trying to navigate a complex array of difficult life circumstances that place them at a tremendous disadvantage’ (Kiselica, 2008). 
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2 July 2013
Sorting Out Separation: Parents Working Together is a new video on the government’s website, visit video Growing up is challenging for any child.