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News, research, policy and practice articles on working with separated families, and maximising the involvement of fathers in the lives of their children post-separation.

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4 June 2006
By:  Professor D L Quinton, Ms S B Pollock and Professor J Golding, University of Bristol, 2002 About the study This research (The Transition to Fatherhood in Young Men: Influences on Commitment) was carried out by Professor D L Quinton, Ms S B Pollock and Professor J Golding of the University of Bristol. 
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12 April 2006
Home-Start Merton supports families, with at least one child under the age of 5, living in the London Borough of Merton. 
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12 February 2006
Young, single, non-residential fathers: their involvement in fatherhood by Suzanne Speak, Stuart Cameron, Rose Gilroy. Joseph Rowntree Foundation (1997) SUMMARY A Newcastle University study investigated a group of single, non-resident fathers aged 16-24 who did want to be involved with their children. 
Practice » Separated families
18 December 2005
Hurting the mother of his children, either physically or by constantly shouting or swearing at her, regularly putting her down or trying to control where she goes and who she sees, is something very few men do. 
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19 November 2005
Many Brook Centres have young men’s outreach workers whose job is to tailor sexual health information and run sessions that are designed to meet the needs of young men. 
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8 November 2005
It is frequently asserted, in the public debate, that the issue of child contact is handled much better in other jurisdictions.