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News, research, policy and practice articles on working with separated families, and maximising the involvement of fathers in the lives of their children post-separation.

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14 December 2021
We often hear the phrase ‘families come in all shapes and sizes’ these days. But in research, policy and practice there’s still a tendency to define fathers in a simplistic and binary way: you’re either ‘resident’ or ‘non-resident’. 
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26 February 2018
This blog was published by CLOSER (Cohort & Longitudinal Studies Enhancement Resources), which is located at the UCL Institute of Education and brings together eight leading studies, the British Library and the UK Data Service. 
FI research » Separated families
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19 November 2015
Services providing help to families in which children and young people are looking after parents, siblings or other family members need to improve their engagement with fathers and father-figures. 
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18 June 2015
Dads who need help agreeing post-separation arrangements, including child contact, can now access a free initial consultation with qualified solicitors, barristers and mediators. 
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7 November 2014
Five-year-olds with two supportive parents score more highly on language development. Shared decision-making by mother and father is directly linked to very young children’s better academic and social skills   Research shows that babies as young as three months are fully equipped to pay attention to two people at the same time: • Babies can rapidly shift their gaze from one person to the other as the interaction develops, sharing attention and feelings with both adults. 
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13 October 2014
Our Dads’ FAQs feature information and guidance on a range of subjects, and are intended to help fathers who want to play an active role in their children’s lives.