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Advice on engaging fathers in children’s education in schools and family learning programmes, and looking at how fatherhood is represented in schools.

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1 December 2012
Useful organisations and information sources: Below you will find a referral organisation for specialist advice on most issues.  Do email us ( if you think any of our information is wrong or needs updating (organisations can change their details day to day, and they don’t usually inform us when they do!) or if you feel we have missed out or misrepresented an important service Advice Now An independent, not-for-profit website providing accurate, up-to-date information on rights and legal issues.  
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2 October 2012
Andrew Sandles from the Early Years Team at Bath & North Somerset Council writes: The Celebrating Fatherhood campaign is being run by the Early Years Team of Bath & North East Somerset Council. 
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8 June 2012
We are inviting all schools, nurseries and other settings taking part in Fathers’ Story Week, to share their stories, photos and videos of the week, via the Fathers’ Story Week website or by email.  
15 May 2012
Carlos Maxwell (pictured left, in a yellow t-shirt with his son Dean, then aged 11) is a father of two from Harrow in north London. 
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2 September 2011
Jeremy Davies writes: New figures out today reveal that one in four primary schools in England still has no male registered teacher, and in total just 12% of primary school teachers are male. 
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21 July 2011
Reproduced with kind permission of the Times Educational Supplement. First published 15 July 2011 The sins of the fathers A child with a parent in prison often chooses not to speak about it at school, fearing stigma and humiliation.