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Advice on engaging fathers in children’s education in schools and family learning programmes, and looking at how fatherhood is represented in schools.

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11 November 2022
In its Family Hubs and Start for Life programme guide, published in August 2022, the Government has set out its vision for a £300 million programme covering 2022-25. 
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7 March 2022
Participants will be offered a £25 high street voucher as a thank you for their time The Fatherhood Institute and researchers from the University of Leeds are running a series of online discussion events (‘PIECE Talks’) with parents and education practitioners in May 2022. 
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13 January 2022
Our Fathers and Children’s Learning survey, part of the PIECE study, aims to build a better understanding of how fathers get involved in supporting their children’s learning, and how schools, nurseries and other family services can help. 
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17 June 2021
As we celebrate Father’s Day 2021, what do we know about fathers’ role in supporting their children’s learning and development – and what else would we like to find out? 
27 May 2016
Fathers Reading Every Day is a really simple programme that encourages dads to read with their children at home. 
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26 May 2016
Bringing Fathers In is a series of smart, punchy, evidence-based information sheets backed up with a series of online research summaries.