21 October 2012
CHILD PROTECTION Questions we have been asked include: ‘Father fears for child’s wellbeing’ ‘Wife mistrusts everyone. Children won’t mix. 
18 October 2012
CONTACT AND RESIDENCE (INTERNATIONAL) Questions we have been asked include: ‘Mother is asylum seeker; father UK citizen; wants to marry outside UK; how to best get contact with baby?’ ‘Mother has taken son to Australia. 
8 October 2012
Fatherlessness is a key problem facing British society. In this paper we outline why it matters, and set out they key policy changes through which Governments could tackle it. 
2 October 2012
Andrew Sandles from the Early Years Team at Bath & North Somerset Council writes: The Celebrating Fatherhood campaign is being run by the Early Years Team of Bath & North East Somerset Council. 
22 May 2012
Mark Osborn writes: Working with the Family Rights Group, we are funded through the DfE’s Voluntary and Community Sector grant to support local authority safeguarding services to engage more effectively with fathers and other men in families. 
31 October 2011
Respect Accreditation is the recognised gold standard in the UK for services working with men who use intimate partner violence, and there are growing numbers of organisations that have achieved this quality mark for their practice and management.