12 October 2012
PARENTING COURSES Questions we have been asked include: ‘Court has ordered a dad to take parenting classes: who should he contact?’ ‘Where can father take children during contact visits?’ ‘Where would I find a dads’ group near me?’ ‘Since the baby’s arrived we’ve been arguing more – what can I do to nip this in the bud?’ Parenting is hard work and can be complex, especially if families split. 
29 June 2012
The Fatherhood Institute has produced a 2-page summary for everyone involved in the Government’s CAN Parent parenting vouchers trial – explaining why it’s important that dads take part in parenting courses, and how to get them signed up. 
25 May 2012
Mark Osborn writes: I have just read Peter Grigg’s blog for the Family Strategic Partnership questioning whether dads will go to parenting classes and am reminded of all the work I’ve done with boys and young men around sexual health.