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General parenting education issues, plus content on engaging fathers in programmes delivering education and support to parents to help them in their role.

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13 June 2006
A research study into the effectiveness of fathers work at Sure Start MRM (near Southampton). You can download the report at the bottom of this page – right click the link and select “Save Target As…” Equality of access is often centred on access to employment, yet it also applies to access to service provision. 
External research » Parenting education
9 June 2006
This document is an extract from: ‘Fathers and Public Services’ by Adrienne Burgess, Research & Policy Officer, Fathers Direct, published in Daddy Dearest? 
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5 June 2006
By Noël Janis-Norton, Director of The New Learning Centre As is typical with most parenting events put on by other organisations, more mothers than fathers attend The New Learning Centre’s parenting courses. 
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12 April 2006
Home-Start Merton supports families, with at least one child under the age of 5, living in the London Borough of Merton. 
External research » Parenting education
23 March 2006
A meta-analysis of interventions aiming to enhance positive parental behaviours found that those involving fathers ‘appear to be significantly more effective’ than interventions focusing on mothers only. 
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17 February 2006
The Spring/Summer 2006 Programme list for the UK’s top action research charity with knowledge and understanding of boys and young men (“Working with Men”) should be of special interest to organisations working with boys and young men from African Caribbean communities.