27 June 2018
This article was originally published by Apolitical, and can be found here. Christian, a preschool teacher in Tromsø, Norway, has worked in early childhood education for a decade. 
10 July 2013
The Fatherhood Institute is leading a two-year project (2013-15), funded by the Department for Education, to help early education and childcare services develop and implement a strategy to recruit and retain more male staff and volunteers. 
24 February 2012
Jeremy Davies writes: It’s heartening to see that Daddy Daycare, Channel 4’s so-bad-I-don’t-know-whether-to-laugh-or-cry documentary series in which  fathers take on temporary work placements in nurseries, is eliciting lots of negative comment from TV reviewers and the Twitterati alike. 
28 July 2011
Jeremy Davies writes: There’s encouraging news from Britain’s biggest nurseries, who have surveyed parents and found that they’re almost unanimously (98%) in favour of men looking after their children.