13 October 2012
PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY Questions we have been asked include: ‘What is Parental Responsibility?’ ‘When does an unmarried father have Parental Responsibility?’ ‘How do we get a form to apply for Parental Responsibility?’ ‘Can a stepfather get Parental Responsibility? 
11 October 2012
PATERNITY LEAVE/ PAY & PARENTAL LEAVE Questions we have been asked include: ‘I took two weeks paternity leave, but now my employer says I was not entitled to it and won’t be paid’ ‘I work as a teacher and my Head says that teachers aren’t eligible for paternity leave’ ‘I have heard that fathers as well as mothers have a right to ask for flexible working when their children are young. 
29 June 2012
The Fatherhood Institute has produced a 2-page summary for everyone involved in the Government’s CAN Parent parenting vouchers trial – explaining why it’s important that dads take part in parenting courses, and how to get them signed up. 
12 June 2012
How much leave should be available exclusively to mothers when they have a baby – and how much should be shareable with the father? 
22 May 2012
‘Hiding in the Pub to Cutting the Cord’ is a research project examining the ways in which men have been involved in childbirth over the last half century. 
15 May 2012
David Simons, an IT consultant from Kew in south-west London, attended a Fatherhood Institute ‘Hit the Ground Crawling’ course in February 2012.