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Information for midwives, paediatricians, obstetricians and other professionals working in the maternity services: helping expectant fathers to support their pregnant partners, and supporting new fathers in the transition to parenthood.

3 February 2011 | 49 comments
The new arrangements will become law as from 3 April 2011 and will apply to any baby due on or adopted on or after that date*. 
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19 January 2011 | One comment
This research summary covers: Trends in father involvement in the UK Aspirations Satisfaction Family and work stress: fathers’ experiences Leave policies and father involvement Father-care, gender equity and child wellbeing Fathers’ employment and child wellbeing Business/economic costs/benefits of father involvement Low income fathers’ employment References Download this research summary as a Word document Trends in father involvement in the UK Mothers in Britain increasingly engage in paid work (mainly part-time) from when their children are very young: Today 50% of mothers of 9-month-olds are in paid employment (Dex & Ward, 2010) with 70% working earlier than planned because of money concerns (Pykett, 2009) and others motivated by a desire to escape full-time childcare (Miller, 2005). 
18 January 2011 | Leave a comment
Last night’s Panorama (BBC1, 8.30pm – click here to view on iplayer) claimed to shine the spotlight on Britain’s ‘feckless fathers’. 
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15 December 2010 | Leave a comment
When the St Michael’s Fellowship began to focus on services aimed at fathers, its approach was initially ‘tokenistic’, admits project coordinator Matt Hay. 
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15 December 2010 | Leave a comment
When the dads have a smile on their face the mums are more relaxed and this means less work for the midwives. 
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8 November 2010 | Leave a comment
The UK needs to design a parenting leave system that supports parental choice, while encouraging greater sharing of domestic and childcare responsibilities.