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Information for midwives, paediatricians, obstetricians and other professionals working in the maternity services: helping expectant fathers to support their pregnant partners, and supporting new fathers in the transition to parenthood.

Practice » Maternity
28 March 2004
Post natal depression support for men A pioneering mental health programme for new fathers who could be at risk of a breakdown has been launched at a maternity unit in Essex. 
Practice » Maternity
1 April 2003
“How to Build New Dads” is a briefing paper aimed at those working within the maternity services – midwives, paediatricians, obstetricians, health visitors and others who are involved in supporting pregnant women and their partners through the pregnancy, preparing for, and going through the birth, and the immediate post-natal period of transition to parenthood. 
Policy » Maternity
29 March 2003
The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women has called for fathers to be involved in programmes delivering infant and child care information. 
Practice » Maternity
6 June 2002
New dads are to be invited to stay over night after the birth in some NHS facilities in a move to improve the care of mothers and babies by making services more father-friendly. 
External research » Maternity
6 November 2001
Fathers Direct, the national information centre for fatherhood, today welcomed a study from University College, London, demonstrating how the emotional health of teenagers can be damaged by a poor early relationship with their fathers. 
External research » Maternity
6 September 2001
The role of fathers has been much debated in research and press. Fathers have been shown to be as responsive to their children’s needs as mothers, and in families where fathers can offer kindness, care and warmth children do better at school, have stronger social skills and exhibit less criminality.