23 April 2013
MenCare is a global campaign that aims to engage men as fathers and caregivers, to promote gender equality and family well-being. 
25 May 2012
Mark Osborn writes: I have just read Peter Grigg’s blog for the Family Strategic Partnership questioning whether dads will go to parenting classes and am reminded of all the work I’ve done with boys and young men around sexual health. 
22 May 2012
‘Hiding in the Pub to Cutting the Cord’ is a research project examining the ways in which men have been involved in childbirth over the last half century. 
24 February 2012
Jeremy Davies writes: It’s heartening to see that Daddy Daycare, Channel 4’s so-bad-I-don’t-know-whether-to-laugh-or-cry documentary series in which  fathers take on temporary work placements in nurseries, is eliciting lots of negative comment from TV reviewers and the Twitterati alike. 
26 September 2011
The Second ISA Forum of Sociology: Social justice and democratization Buenos Aires, Argentina – August 1-4, 2012 Call for abstracts Title of the session: Men and Reproduction Format of the session: Regular session – five 20-minute presentations Description: Internationally, many societies are experiencing a cultural transformation of fatherhood towards the contemporary ideal of the involved nurturing father with the expectation of men’s involvement across the reproductive trajectory from reproductive planning to equal co-parenting. 
26 September 2011
TEENAGE DADS IN THE NORTH OF ENGLAND: A LONGITUDINAL, QUALITATIVE STUDY As part of the Young Lives and Times project within Timescapes (University of Leeds http://www.timescapes.leeds.ac.uk/) the Following Fathers study is intensively tracking a group of twelve teenage fathers over time.