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This section of the website covers fatherhood news, policy, research and practice outside the UK, with a focus on the actions of international institutions.

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29 August 2005
Too many fatherhood projects are so busing DOING the work that they don’t have time to tell the world WHAT THEY ARE DOING!  
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4 June 2005
Excerpt from Sebastian Kraemer (2005) Narratives of Fathers and Sons: ‘there is no such thing as a father’ in (Eds) Arlene Vetere and Emilia Dowling, Narrative Therapies with children and their Families: A Practitioners Guide to Concepts and Approaches. 
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30 May 2005
Caring Dads: Helping fathers value their children is a group intervention programme for fathers. This group-based course focuses on helping men recognize attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours that support healthy and unhealthy father-child relationships, develop skills for interacting with children in healthy ways, and appreciate the impact on children of controlling, intimidating, abusive and neglectful actions including witnessing domestic violence. 
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25 April 2005
Available for download here is a presentation by Terry Melvin, Manager of Mensline Australia, called  "Reaching Australian fathers through telephone support". 
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2 April 2005
Research Report:  Muslim Families from Morocco in the Netherlands: Gender Dynamics and Fathers’ Roles in a Context of Change Author: T. 
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1 April 2005
The UK has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in Western Europe, children born to teen mums are among the most vulnerable of all children – and in African Caribbean cultures, early pregnancy is still very common.