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This section of the website covers fatherhood news, policy, research and practice outside the UK, with a focus on the actions of international institutions.

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13 January 2006
HIV positive fathers are key agents of change in the HIV/AIDS epidemic is a key message of a new booklet, Fulfilling Fatherhood: Experiences from HIV Positive Fathers, from the International Planned Parenthood Federation, which reveals with candid detail the lives of thirteen HIV positive fathers from around the world, to be launched on World Aids Day (1st December 2005). 
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8 November 2005
It is frequently asserted, in the public debate, that the issue of child contact is handled much better in other jurisdictions. 
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26 October 2005
Men and Family Relationships Services, which are funded under the Family Relationships Services Program (FRSP), are administered by the Family and Children’s Services Branch of the Australian Government Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS). 
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24 October 2005
The US National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion PREVENTION RESEARCH CENTERS program facilitates the funding of extramural research centers that add to knowledge about preventing and controlling chronic disease.  Now a research project is aiming to evaluate the effectiveness of a programme designed to improve the health behaviours (including their alcohol, drug and tobacco use) of AFrican American boys who do not live with their fathers The Programme The Fathers and Sons Project, based in Flint, MI, is a unique program for African American fathers and their 8-12 year old sons who are not living in the same home. 
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18 October 2005
Baba: Men and Fatherhood in South Africa provides answers to some of the most difficult questions about fatherhood in South Africa: Who is a father? 
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17 October 2005
FATHERING journal – Vol. 3 Issue 3 – is devoted to articles on imprisoned fathers returning to their families – as follows: Randal D.