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This section of the website covers fatherhood news, policy, research and practice outside the UK, with a focus on the actions of international institutions.

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26 May 2016
Bringing Fathers In is a series of smart, punchy, evidence-based information sheets backed up with a series of online research summaries. 
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16 December 2014
  Men in low and middle income countries are generally positive about gender equality – but their participation in household and caregiving tasks remains low, and levels of intimate partner violence are still high, according to a study published in the Men and Masculinities journal. 
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16 November 2014
Our 2012 review, Fatherhood: Parenting Programmes and Policy – A Critical Review of Best Practice, examined evidence from across the world about parenting and other programmes’ focus on father-involvement as a means to impact on family violence, child abuse, children’s health or learning. 
31 July 2013
Écoles des Maris (‘Schools for Husbands’) in Niger is a UNFPA-funded project based on the theory that men‘s social power can act as a brake on rates of improvement in maternal and child health. 
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24 July 2013
The Bernard Leer Foundation commissioned us to tell the story of our advocacy for involved fatherhood in the UK from 1999 to the present day. 
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12 June 2013
The Fatherhood Institute has been advocating for involved fatherhood in the UK since 1999, and in that time we have worked to change the narrative on fathers and fatherhood at all levels of UK society – from politicians and policymakers through to practitioners dealing with families in a variety of settings, the media and members of the public (including dads themselves).