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13 September 2011
Jeremy Davies writes: Let’s keep this brief. Today’s papers are full of stories based on research showing that men are designed to share in the care of children. 
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2 September 2011
Jeremy Davies writes: New figures out today reveal that one in four primary schools in England still has no male registered teacher, and in total just 12% of primary school teachers are male. 
28 August 2011
Employed British fathers’ use of flexible working (particularly flexitime and occasional working from home) grew considerably during the decade to 2011, although it remains at a low level in contrast to mothers’. 
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2 August 2011
Jeremy Davies writes: Men and Work-Life Integration: A Global Study is a really interesting paper by US human resources consultants WFD Consulting, which should be required reading for people who work in HR in the UK – and for dads who work…especially in senior roles.   
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28 July 2011
Jeremy Davies writes: There’s encouraging news from Britain’s biggest nurseries, who have surveyed parents and found that they’re almost unanimously (98%) in favour of men looking after their children. 
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21 July 2011
Jeremy Davies writes: Another day, another newspaper article purporting to reveal something fascinating and new about that most bizarre of creatures…the father.