2 December 2013
New dads will be able to take up to 50 weeks’ parental leave to look after their babies in their first year, under new proposals to be introduced in 2015. 
27 November 2013
Here at the Fatherhood Institute we are always very clear that fathers’ relationships with their daughters are just as important as those with their sons. 
25 July 2013
Which? has published some useful paternity leave templates for dads. The templates, which include a letter of notice for paternity leave, a self-certificate form, and an application form for additional paternity leave, are available as free downloads on the Which? 
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12 July 2013
Jeremy Davies writes: Earlier this week, we tweeted about a dad who had been referred to as ‘Mr Mummy’ when he dropped his children off at school – as if fulfilling this mundane but vital task placed him into a world of parenting activity way beyond his gendered capabilities. 
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2 July 2013
Sorting Out Separation: Parents Working Together is a new video on the government’s website, visit video Growing up is challenging for any child. 
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24 May 2013
Shadow public health minister Diane Abbott gave a controversial speech to think tank Demos, outlining that Britain is suffering from a ‘crisis of masculinity’, as a result of which young men have become unclear of their social role; do worse at school; suffer depression and anxiety; and adopt ‘hypermasculine’ behaviours.