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Articles about fathers in employment and at work, such as parental leave and other workplace issues, plus training and services for employers, including Fathers@ – a new intranet-based info service.

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12 June 2012
How much leave should be available exclusively to mothers when they have a baby – and how much should be shareable with the father? 
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18 October 2011
Men have changed – they want to be fully involved, hands-on dads, not just chained to a life of breadwinning. 
28 August 2011
Employed British fathers’ use of flexible working (particularly flexitime and occasional working from home) grew considerably during the decade to 2011, although it remains at a low level in contrast to mothers’. 
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2 August 2011
Jeremy Davies writes: Men and Work-Life Integration: A Global Study is a really interesting paper by US human resources consultants WFD Consulting, which should be required reading for people who work in HR in the UK – and for dads who work…especially in senior roles.   
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9 February 2011
Rob Williams writes: In March the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills will publish a green paper on paternal leave.  
3 February 2011
The new arrangements will become law as from 3 April 2011 and will apply to any baby due on or adopted on or after that date*. 
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19 January 2011
This research summary covers: Trends in father involvement in the UK Aspirations Satisfaction Family and work stress: fathers’ experiences Leave policies and father involvement Father-care, gender equity and child wellbeing Fathers’ employment and child wellbeing Business/economic costs/benefits of father involvement Low income fathers’ employment References Download this research summary as a Word document Trends in father involvement in the UK Mothers in Britain increasingly engage in paid work (mainly part-time) from when their children are very young: Today 50% of mothers of 9-month-olds are in paid employment (Dex & Ward, 2010) with 70% working earlier than planned because of money concerns (Pykett, 2009) and others motivated by a desire to escape full-time childcare (Miller, 2005). 
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8 November 2010
The UK needs to design a parenting leave system that supports parental choice, while encouraging greater sharing of domestic and childcare responsibilities. 
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4 November 2010
    Fathers@ is our customisable, web-based support package designed to help fathers stay engaged with their workplaces, while dealing with the joys and challenges of family life.