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Articles about fathers in employment and at work, such as parental leave and other workplace issues, plus training and services for employers, including Fathers@ – a new intranet-based info service.

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16 June 2023
In our previous blog, we presented new analysis of how much an average-earning, full-time employed UK father stands to lose financially if he takes two weeks’ paternity leave paid at the statutory rate, compared to what he could earn if he carried on working. 
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12 June 2023
As our inboxes and timelines fill with the usual torrent of Father’s Day marketing offers, now’s a good time to reflect on how much value is really attached to dads in the UK. 
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7 June 2023
Becoming a parent is a major transition in a person’s working life. For many expectant and new parents, the excitement of becoming a father or mother is accompanied by worries about finances, as well as logistical challenges involved in juggling their new parenting role with work. 
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30 May 2022
The Fatherhood Institute is conducting the most comprehensive review ever undertaken in Britain, of decades of research into the roles of fathers in families. 
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1 July 2018
The Fatherhood Institute ( is the world’s leading independent ‘think tank’ on fatherhood. We support both mothers and fathers as earners and carers. 
11 December 2017
Employment law for parents should be overhauled, starting with 3 months’ well-paid “daddy leave”, according to our ground-breaking study Cash or carry, published today. 
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10 November 2016
The Fatherhood Institute is supporting #Walkthetalk, a campaign that calls on men to take a stand and ‘walk the talk’ for gender equality in the workplace. 
6 October 2016
The Fatherhood Institute’s workplace seminars (60-90 minutes) are all suitable for fathers or mothers, or for mothers and fathers together – and for managers and employers to attend. 
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13 June 2016
Jeremy Davies writes: Today we publish the 2016 edition of our Fairness in Families Index #fairnessinfamilies, which uses a basket of measures to compare developed countries’ progress towards gender equality.