7 March 2022
Participants will be offered a £25 high street voucher as a thank you for their time The Fatherhood Institute and researchers from the University of Leeds are running a series of online discussion events (‘PIECE Talks’) with parents and education practitioners in May 2022. 
13 January 2022
Our Fathers and Children’s Learning survey, part of the PIECE study, aims to build a better understanding of how fathers get involved in supporting their children’s learning, and how schools, nurseries and other family services can help. 
17 June 2021
As we celebrate Father’s Day 2021, what do we know about fathers’ role in supporting their children’s learning and development – and what else would we like to find out? 
9 June 2021
Time with Dad is our new project that aims to support fathers to take the time they need to help their children’s learning and development. 
7 November 2014
• The time spent by fathers in reading to very young children is the strategy most consistently associated with their early reading and writing skills (Clark, 2009) • When fathers of 1-2 year olds read lots of books to them, their children tend to be more interested in books later (Lyytinen et al, 1998).