11 October 2013
Is there added-value to parenting interventions from engaging with two parents rather than one? And if engagement is with one parent only, does it matter which parent is engaged with? 
24 July 2013
The National Centre for Social Research, in collaboration with the University of East Anglia (and funded by the ESRC) have published the first findings of their exciting new study “Fathers, work and families in 21st century Britain: beyond the breadwinner model?”  The first findings include three reports: Fathers and work Fathers and families Who are today’s fathers? 
24 July 2013
The Bernard Leer Foundation commissioned us to tell the story of our advocacy for involved fatherhood in the UK from 1999 to the present day. 
29 April 2013
At the Fatherhood Institute we are always happy to draw attention to good research – and never more so than when it is carried out by a practitioner.  
8 April 2013
This paper by Professor Jonathan Scourfield reviews the recent published research about the barriers to and facilitators of better father engagement, as well as evidence on the effectiveness of work with maltreating fathers. 
29 November 2012
The Maternity and Paternity Rights and Women Returners Survey 2009/10 shows that 91% of fathers took time off around the time of their baby’s birth.