25 June 2014
Working with fathers is still something of a Cinderella area in social care. People are increasingly aware of the need to involve fathers in family support and child protection, but progress is pretty slow. 
29 May 2014
Jeremy Davies writes: Newspaper headline-writers love nothing more than a black-and-white story, boiling the most complex of debates down to good vs evil; right vs wrong; and all too often, male vs female. 
8 May 2014
A quick update about postnatal depression in dads. We were recently challenged by someone on Twitter, who said: “PND is a serious psychiatric disorder occurring after childbirth. 
6 January 2014
Men are not ‘biologically’ less suited to caring for children than women: • when similarly supported, both sexes develop childcare skills at the same rate (Myers, 1982) • through what they learn they can have similarly positive effects on their children and on family functioning (Cia et al, 2010; Melnyk et al, 2006;. 
20 November 2013
The vast majority (87%) of fathers who don’t live with their children say that they continue to have contact with them and close to half (49%) say that their children stay with them on a regular basis, on weekends and during school holidays, new research has revealed. 
14 November 2013
Program P (“P” for “Padre” in Spanish and “Pai” in Portuguese, meaning “Father”) provides concrete strategies for engaging men in active caregiving from their partner’s pregnancy through their child’s early years.