7 November 2014
‘Making men into fathers’ is generally best achieved by providing substantial opportunities for caretaking right from the beginning Father-infant bonding is stronger when dads develop their own ways of doing things. 
15 October 2014
Jeremy Davies writes: New figures from the Office for National Statistics confirm fathers’ central role in the transmission of disadvantage in the UK. 
13 October 2014
  Primary school children who took part with their fathers in a simple literacy intervention promoted by the Fatherhood Institute, have been shown to have made better progress at reading, writing and numeracy. 
5 September 2014
A team from the Fatherhood Institute and Yale University in the US conducted a systematic review of the global evidence on parenting interventions, and found that a ‘game change’ is needed in their commissioning, design and evaluation, to get fathers more involved and thus improve child outcomes and value-for-money. 
29 July 2014
Steps must be taken to address the failure of child protection services to work with fathers and other men around children. 
7 July 2014
A research team based at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, led by Prof. Louise Howard, is conducting a five-year project on the ‘Effectiveness and Cost-effectiveness of Perinatal Mental Health Services’ (ESMI).