12 June 2012
How much leave should be available exclusively to mothers when they have a baby – and how much should be shareable with the father? 
30 March 2012
Jeremy Davies writes: The Fatherhood Institute is a tiny organisation which has to work hard to punch above its weight at a policy level. 
3 March 2012
Earlier this month in North Wales, a mother died just after giving birth. She was not married to the father, though he was declared in the maternity records as the father. 
7 April 2011
In our response to the Department for Work and Pensions’ proposals to reform the Child Support Agency (the Strengthening Families and Promoting Parental Responsibility consultation), we argued that reforms designed to increase the payment of child support by non-resident fathers, are likely to lead to greater father-involvement and, if properly handled, could reduce conflict between separating and separated parents. 
6 March 2011
We convened a roundtable for Professor Eileen Munro to help her think about men and fathers in her review of social work practice around child protection and safeguarding. 
30 September 2010
In this briefing we provided a critique of how fathers (and others) navigate the existing systems, and examined how one might provide greater contact rights to non-resident parents (as the current system defines those majority of separated/ divorced fathers who live with their children for less than half the time).