24 July 2013
The Bernard Leer Foundation commissioned us to tell the story of our advocacy for involved fatherhood in the UK from 1999 to the present day. 
10 June 2013
How can we give children the best possible chance of a loving and positive relationship with their fathers? What levers do we pull, who do we need to engage, and how can we access the resources needed to create frameworks in which families are able to step up to the plate and ‘walk the talk’ of gender equality? 
4 June 2013
An outstanding policy briefing paper Understanding Fatherhood in the 21st Century A Policy Briefing Paper for Northern Ireland written by Colin Shaw and Maria Lohan summarises the research evidence to support father involvement and makes a series of recommendations for changes in public policy and practice in Northern Ireland to facilitate the changing role of fathers today. 
24 May 2013
Shadow public health minister Diane Abbott gave a controversial speech to think tank Demos, outlining that Britain is suffering from a ‘crisis of masculinity’, as a result of which young men have become unclear of their social role; do worse at school; suffer depression and anxiety; and adopt ‘hypermasculine’ behaviours.  
13 November 2012
Jeremy Davies writes: Back in July 2012 we wrote a paper called Stick to your guns, urging the Government to pursue the plan it had outlined in its Modern Workplaces consultation. 
8 October 2012
Fatherlessness is a key problem facing British society. In this paper we outline why it matters, and set out they key policy changes through which Governments could tackle it.