5 September 2014
Writing in Every Child Journal, part of the Teaching Times group, Fatherhood Institute trustee Tim Linehan outlines the benefits (for children, fathers, mothers and wider society) of services’ engagement with fathers….and the potential dangers of their failure to do so. 
26 June 2014
Jeremy Davies writes: Tanya Gold wrote this thoughtful piece about a vulnerable mother selling The Big Issue on the streets of London. 
25 June 2014
Jeremy Davies writes: The famous Irish playwright, novelist, essayist and social reformer George Bernard Shaw once said that “We learn from history that we learn nothing from history.” In Supporting Active Fatherhood in Britain, historian of fatherhood Dr Laura King warns that nowhere is this more the case than in the making of family policy. 
29 April 2014
Jeremy Davies writes: Our latest research summary presents strong evidence that new dads taking time off work to look after their babies is good news – not just for them, but for their children, and their children’s mothers. 
14 November 2013
Jeremy Davies writes: Further to David Davies MP’s comments about ‘feckless fathers’  and subsequent media coverage (for example this Guardian article by Ally Fogg), here is an extract from the Fatherhood Institute’s Research Summary on Young Fathers, which we hope will help inform the debate: Contrary to common belief, many young fathers have real strengths; and the stereotype of the young buck who impregnates the neighbourhood is largely an urban myth: the single most powerful predictor of adolescent fatherhood is being involved in a long-term relationship with the baby’s mother (Hanson et al, 1989). 
29 October 2013
What is the ideal design of parenting leave (maternity, paternity and parental leave) in high, middle and low income countries?