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External research » Drugs and alcohol
9 June 2006
This document is an extract from: ‘Fathers and Public Services’ by Adrienne Burgess, Research & Policy Officer, Fathers Direct, published in Daddy Dearest? 
Practice » Drugs and alcohol
23 May 2006
Fathers of drug users need support too. It seems an obvious statement but most family support services within the drug and alcohol sector have traditionally focused on helping mothers. 
Practice » Drugs and alcohol
17 February 2006
The Spring/Summer 2006 Programme list for the UK’s top action research charity with knowledge and understanding of boys and young men (“Working with Men”) should be of special interest to organisations working with boys and young men from African Caribbean communities. 
External research » Drugs and alcohol
12 February 2006
Young, single, non-residential fathers: their involvement in fatherhood by Suzanne Speak, Stuart Cameron, Rose Gilroy. Joseph Rowntree Foundation (1997) SUMMARY A Newcastle University study investigated a group of single, non-resident fathers aged 16-24 who did want to be involved with their children. 
Practice » Drugs and alcohol
30 January 2006
A condom poster campaign designed by the UK experts in work with young males (Working With Men – WWM) and targeting 16-25 year olds from diverse communities has been launched in Tower Hamlets, East London, with content and design developed from in-depth consultation with lads from White, African, African Caribbean and South East Asian backgrounds. 
Practice » Drugs and alcohol
21 November 2005
This particular father (‘James’) who I was working with was a drug user referred to me from the St Ann’s Health Centre.