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News, research, policy and practice of use to all professionals working with families where substance misuse is an issue, or a potential issue.

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21 August 2007
What: Dads’ anti-drugs project Where: Hull When: Since 2001 Funding: SRB6 and European Social Fund In 2000, the Kirklands’ Area Neighbourhood Watch commissioned a study, to highlight issues pertinent to the local people and their well-being A major shock was when the researchers undertaking the study were, themselves, directly approached by drug dealers. 
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16 July 2007
The Fatherhood Institute’s Toolkit for Father-Inclusive Practice helps managers and practitioners meet the strong policy requirements for father-inclusive services coming from the Department for Children, Schools and Families, and elsewhere. 
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3 July 2007
DRUGS AND ALCOHOL: just say no is a beautifully illustrated handout designed specifically for fathers, to help them communicate effectively with their children on the topics of drugs and alcohol. 
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2 July 2007
THE FATHERHOOD QUALITY MARK ___________________________ 1. Background Fathers Direct’s Fatherhood Quality Mark (FQM) is a new tool to help agencies develop services which effectively engage with and support fathers, based on evidence from research. 
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4 June 2007
Fathers Direct’s 10 top tips for father-inclusive practice are as follows… 1) LOOK AT THE WORLD FROM THE CHILD’S POINT OF VIEW All staff will then HAVE to engage with biological fathers because they’ll recognise how much they matter to children – including to children who rarely or never see them. 
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23 March 2007
The new Gender Equality Duty (Equality Act 2006), effective from 6 April 2007, requires all public authorities, including those commissioning parenting services, to have “due regard” to the need to promote equality of opportunity between men and women.