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Information for professionals working with men who are fathers of children with disabilities, or who are disabled themselves, or whose partners are disabled – no matter what their disability or health condition.

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21 January 2008
A study of almost 100 families has found that providing more support for dads could help improve outcomes for disabled children and young people. 
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21 January 2008
This study, by a team at the University of York Social Policy Research Unit, sought to identify desired outcomes of support services from the perspectives of disabled children, young people and their parents; to explore managers’ and practitioners’ perspectives on outcomes; to work with local authority staff, children and parents, to develop ways of collecting outcome information that can be used in practice; and to pilot and evaluate the use of outcome assessment in practice. 
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7 October 2007
CONTENTS: Introduction The Discourse The Research The Practice Case Studies Research Evidence References INTRODUCTION The Discourse Public discourse implicates fathers in their sons’ antisocial behaviour, in particular through alleged absence as ‘role models’; but also through their perceived inability or unwillingness to set limits on their children’s behaviour – to be a ‘firm hand’. 
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4 October 2007
Policy interest in the UK around fathers and fathering has increased rapidly since 1997. Researchers have cautioned against homogenising fathers’ experiences. 
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29 September 2007
The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities ‘Recognising Fathers’ project is looking at the needs and experiences of fathers of children with disabilities. 
External research » Disability
21 September 2007
Introduction: An overview of evidence on fathers and child development Since 1975, an increasingly sophisticated body of research has been charting the pathways through which fathers influence their children’s development.