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Information for professionals working with men who are fathers of children with disabilities, or who are disabled themselves, or whose partners are disabled – no matter what their disability or health condition.

External research » Disability
22 December 2008
After many months of work, the Cabinet Office has published (18 December 2008) a terrific, detailed statistical picture of family life in Britain today.  
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23 August 2008
The Fatherhood Institute’s extensive review of international evidence about the costs and benefits of active fatherhood can help inform the development of policy and practice. 
External research » Disability
13 August 2008
Supporting disabled parents and parents with additional support needs:  SCIE ADULTS’ SERVICES KNOWLEDGE REVIEW Authors: Jenny Morris and Michele Wates Published: November 2006 in the UK, by the Social Care Institute for Excellence This SCIE ‘knowledge review’ is about parents with physical and/or sensory impairments, learning difficulties, mental health problems, long-term illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, and drug or alcohol problems. 
Practice » Disability
7 August 2008
Nearly half of parents (46%) contacting YoungMinds Parents Information Service for advice are worried about their 12-16 year olds. 
FI research » Disability
16 July 2008
1. Parental conflict The substantial negative effects on children of parental conflict and hostility are well documented in both intact and non-intact families (Cummings et al, 2004; Reynolds, 2001). 
External research » Disability
13 July 2008
This research review by One Plus One shows that parents of children with disabilities are more likely to experience relationship distress and that some parents are not getting the support they need.