10 July 2013
The Fatherhood Institute is leading a two-year project (2013-15), funded by the Department for Education, to help early education and childcare services develop and implement a strategy to recruit and retain more male staff and volunteers. 
10 April 2013
Fathers Reading Every Day is a well-evaluated supported reading programme we have imported from the US, and are now running in primary schools and early years settings. 
29 November 2012
Ofsted has launched a consultation on proposals for a revised framework for the inspection of Sure Start Children’s Centres. 
23 October 2012
ANTENATAL SUPPORT FOR DADS Questions we have been asked include: ‘Student dad-to-be, wants to know where he can learn about putting on nappies’ ‘My pregnant girlfriend and I have broken up. 
8 June 2012
We are inviting all schools, nurseries and other settings taking part in Fathers’ Story Week, to share their stories, photos and videos of the week, via the Fathers’ Story Week website or by email.  
25 May 2012
Mark Osborn writes: I have just read Peter Grigg’s blog for the Family Strategic Partnership questioning whether dads will go to parenting classes and am reminded of all the work I’ve done with boys and young men around sexual health.