20 October 2012
CHILD SUPPORT Questions we have been asked include: ‘Young father wants to know at what age CMEC will start deducting money’ ‘CMEC have just doubled his payment; he can’t afford it; what should he do?’ The Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission (CMEC) is responsible for the child maintenance system in Great Britain. 
16 October 2012
DNA TESTING (DISPUTED PATERNITY) Questions we have been asked include: ‘Can DNA be tested on the NHS?’ ‘Can I have number for DNA testing?’ ‘My girlfriend is pregnant and says I am the father. 
7 April 2011
In our response to the Department for Work and Pensions’ proposals to reform the Child Support Agency (the Strengthening Families and Promoting Parental Responsibility consultation), we argued that reforms designed to increase the payment of child support by non-resident fathers, are likely to lead to greater father-involvement and, if properly handled, could reduce conflict between separating and separated parents.