21 May 2013
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Questions we have been asked include: ‘Do you know of any helplines for domestic violence support for men?’ ‘Anything about violence against men?’ ‘I have trouble with my temper and would like to do something about it’ The vast majority of domestic violence is perpetrated by men on women. 
8 April 2013
The Fatherhood Institute’s roundtable event ‘Engaging fathers in child protection’ took place on 14 March 2013, and was chaired by Professor Eileen Munro. 
8 April 2013
This paper by Professor Jonathan Scourfield reviews the recent published research about the barriers to and facilitators of better father engagement, as well as evidence on the effectiveness of work with maltreating fathers. 
5 March 2013
Engaging with men in social care: a good practice guide is a 16-page guide designed to help you engage effectively with men in, or attached to, families in which a child is at risk or may become so.  
22 October 2012
CARE SYSTEM Questions we have been asked include: ‘My child has been taken into care – what can I do as a dad to get him back?’ ‘Man who had custody of his son became ill and social services have taken the son from him. 
21 October 2012
CHILD PROTECTION Questions we have been asked include: ‘Father fears for child’s wellbeing’ ‘Wife mistrusts everyone. Children won’t mix.