15 September 2021
“You are the first person who has ever wanted to know what actually happened, what I went through. No one has ever asked me before….no one has ever bothered with me – you are the first person that has ever sat down and asked me my story.”Quote from a man convicted of killing a baby, interviewed as part of the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel’s review of non-accidental injury of infants by male caregivers, ‘The Myth of Invisible Men’ The UK’s Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel’s in-depth and hard-hitting report, The Myth of Invisible Men, published today (16 September 2021) shines a light on the rare but tragic phenomenon of fathers and father-figures who kill or injure babies (not by accident). 
26 May 2016
Bringing Fathers In is a series of smart, punchy, evidence-based information sheets backed up with a series of online research summaries. 
19 November 2015
Services providing help to families in which children and young people are looking after parents, siblings or other family members need to improve their engagement with fathers and father-figures. 
23 January 2015
Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids (HDHK) is a highly effective, enjoyable 9-session father-child programme focused on obesity prevention, for schools and other settings. 
16 December 2014
Dr Mark Osborn writes: As our European safeguarding project begins to draw towards its close, the results from the different countries are being pulled together.  
7 November 2014
Removing a abusive father from a family, while often a positive and even essential first step, provides only a partial solution.