18 November 2014
Jeremy Davies writes: Two years ago the Fatherhood Institute published a global research review which identified and explored the evidence on parenting and other programmes’ promotion of father-involvement in the first eight years of children’s lives. 
16 November 2014
Our 2012 review, Fatherhood: Parenting Programmes and Policy – A Critical Review of Best Practice, examined evidence from across the world about parenting and other programmes’ focus on father-involvement as a means to impact on family violence, child abuse, children’s health or learning. 
7 November 2014
Babies do better when planned by both parents Husbands who understand the risk of pregnancy complications will support their wife’s use of appropriate services Mother-to-child transmission of HIV can be prevented when mothers stick to their medication supported by their husbands or partners. 
7 November 2014
Men who understand the risk of pregnancy complications will support their partner’s use of appropriate services. Mothers who have a calm and supportive birth partner have better labours. 
7 November 2014
‘Making men into fathers’ is generally best achieved by providing substantial opportunities for caretaking right from the beginning Father-infant bonding is stronger when dads develop their own ways of doing things. 
13 October 2014
Our Dads’ FAQs feature information and guidance on a range of subjects, and are intended to help fathers who want to play an active role in their children’s lives.